For Commercial EV Fleets, Employee Vehicles and Attracting Potential Customers


Why Install a Commercial EV Charger?

Offer the convenience to your employees, keep fleets energized and even attract potential customers to your business by looking to Vehicle Charging Solutions for an electric vehicle charger installation.

Installing an electric vehicle charging point is a great marketing tool. Buildings and businesses that offer EV charging have proven that they care about our planet and are taking measures to improve the environment. This reflects well on your reputation. In fact, many consumers make it a point to search out businesses that are eco-friendly. Vehicle Charging Solutions works with your team to provide an end-to-end solution.


Commercial Charging Solutions

VCS have charging solutions for a wide variety of commercial properties including offices, retail, hospitality and industrial businesses. We make EV equipment selection easy by featuring EV chargers from the most reliable names in the industry.

VCS are accredited by The Office For Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) which allows us to install our EV chargers through the OLEV Grant Scheme. This allows us to discount the installation by £500 per charging station at a maximum of 20 charging stations totalling to £10,000.

Fully Funded Install Packages

VCS can also offer fully funded install packages for revenue generating units.

Zero £'s up front. Fully installed and maintained EV chargers. From just £1/Charge/Day